Group Homes

Thomas’ Circle of Care operates 17 Group Homes within Saskatchewan, caring for children aged 0-11. The organization ensures the safety, comfort, and well-being of the children by providing reliable, constant, and positive supervision and support.


Working within the community, our organization aims to strengthen and support families to prevent apprehension and assist with reunification. Using a person-centered and strength-based approach, the Outreach Program empowers and supports parents and guardians to maintain a safe and permanent environment for their children. In doing so, the program guides families to promote parenting capacity, family coping strategies, and deal with crisis situations such as substance abuse, domestic violence, medical and cognitive barriers, financial crisis, and housing issues.

Cultural Program

Our organization ensures all children have a right to practice and maintain their cultural identity, language and values. The Cultural Program provides Indigenous teachings for reclaiming, retaining, maintaining and transmitting knowledge and practices from their cultural backgrounds.

Youth Support Program

Building positive relationships through youth engagement and programming. The support team guides youth through crisis situations, focusing on life skills and community connection.


Our organization is dedicated in ensuring all employees are provided training opportunities to equip them for success. As a result, Thomas’ Circle of Care provides a comprehensive training program with each course aimed at enhancing an employee’s knowledge and skills.

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